Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lazy Day

I skipped the bike ride this morning in favor of helping my daughter, Kristen, start her new batch of second graders get situated on the first day of school. I helped meet and greet, check in supplies, organize them and put them away (the supplies not the kids...lol) and get some papers put in binders. Then to a chorus of a dozen and more mispronounced, Goodbye Mrs. Eickmeiers, I took my leave. I am sure this batch, like the ones before them, will end up calling me Mrs. Owens' Mother...and I don't mind at all!

While I was gone, E did a bunch of yard work trying to fix a drainage problem we have on the side yard and then we pooled it. He napped after and I read a book on the lanai and dozed a bit myself. Chicken on the grill soon and another great day in Paradise.

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