Sunday, August 09, 2009

Off on an adventure

today. We're biking first and taking care of some laundry and yard work.

My friend, Sandy, and I are headed to her club on Monday for another session of yoga before she leaves for hurricane season (and Ireland).Thanks Sandy and I hope I don't fall off the tread mill first; I've never been on one in my life.

I am finding more and more people who love this form of exercise. According to my scale, 9 lbs. to goal weight and I'd like to stay a couple under the 155lb.s that was set as goal. My 'cute' clothes are starting to fit again and I even squeezed into a couple of pairs of capris that Kristen

Off and biking,

have a great one!


elle said...

great success on your weight loss mission jules! it's a very hard thing to get started, but once you fall into a pattern, it becomes easier.

glad you're liking the yoga. it's on my list to get back to once i get the release from my doctor in a couple of weeks (thank goodness)!


Cindy Marchant said...

Keep up the good work Jules!!! I love the treadmill!!

rebecca lucille said...

J - sorry I missed Sat. Yoga... had an air conditioner mishap - damn thing leaked all over my garage "studio" and of course the damn water soaked the bottoms of my scrapbook cubes (pressboard and water DO NOT mix...) spent all night Friday and all day Sat cleaning the mess... and fixing the a.c.!
I'm ready to go back to work to get some rest!