Saturday, August 08, 2009

Welcome to the Weekend

Our Friday was lovely: no Green Market since the days have been changed due to summer heat but we did have a nice stroll around Dunedin and watched part of a dedication stone to the military heroes. We went to Peggy O'Neal's for an early lunch, followed by a visit to our favorite nursery, Earthscrapes Garden Room on alt. 19 and may have found the arbor for the front porch to afford us a bit more privacy and provide some more shade. The manager is checking for us on matching waist high fence. We'd have to clear this with the architectural committee here as this is rod iron rather than the white plastic everyone else has.

Had a blast at the RR crop. Should Linda, Gerri-anne and Lisa every go into cahoots to present a scrappy event together...look out Tampa. These women know scrapping and know what it takes to make a crop not just good but great. It was good to reconnect with some of the RR gals and to catch up with everything. Lisa has a great sale on and boxes and boxes of new stuff coming in. I'm meeting Jean there on Wed. (supposidly to see her T. Collins projects) but we're also hopeful to get a sneak peek. I did make a bit of progress on my notebooks and, after a few more stamp sessions should have 5 of the 10 completed.

Those of you who were asking about my vintage pen nibs, ink bottles and giant old camera stamp, Artful Illusions ( Kip and I discovered them at the last Stamp Fest. Oh, and I heard Stamp Fest has moved locations this year and will be held in Feb....too excited. Hoping this company will be there again.

Also heard from the new owner that the creative festival usually held in ST. Mary's Ga will be back in 2010...are we in Dawn? If anyone else is interested, you are welcome. Miami Dawn and I have been talking about this for eons. I'll post details when they become available.
We drove through St. Mary's on our way to Savannah and it is the cutest little town on the river filled with lovely old homes, many of which are B&Bs, darling shops and lots of fun restaurants...we ate on the front porch of one facing the river...lovely!

So, biking with E this morning followed by yoga at the community center and then pool time if it doesn't rain...hope whatever your plans, your day is a good one.

And a wave to LIsa, Jean, Natalie and Jackie et al for a warm welcome at the crop.

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elle said...

sounds like you have an enjoyable day planned for yourself!

i love st.mary's. we have been there quite a few times to stay a couple of days...a quick and wonderful get away!

have good weekend :)