Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Feet

"Swing Time! goes LIVE Tues., from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., on FOX 13's morning show, "Good Day, Tampa Bay." .... Let's show the greater Tampa area viewers how much fun we have swing dancing!!! .... There will be a FREE dance, with FREE refreshments, from 7 - 9. .... Please feel free to come & dance any part of the two hour window, as there will be EIGHT live feeds from the lovely Gulfport Casino and Ballroom. .... Bring your best dancin' moves and any friends who also love dancing!!!

My friend Cathy will be the one in the polka dot dress and I can't wait to see her live!

We have a fairly easy day today. Taking it easy on Poor E's stitched forehead. One big bad 'spot' down and two to go.

WW check in and then some pool time for me (he can sit on thoe side and dangle those size 14s of his. Rob is coming over later for crablegs and some computer work.

Hope everyone has a great one!

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Amy said...

I wanna swing dance!!! :) Used to be pretty good, if I say so myself LOL enjoy those crablegs -- yum --, and let E know he's got folks all the way in Oregon thinkin' good thoughts for him!