Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hilltop Memories does it again...and again and again!

I can not begin to tell you how much fun I had at the Sarasota crop. The food was yummy, of course, my crop pals, Becky and Theresea, kept me laughing and scrapping. Thanks Linda, Miss Elle, all are the tops at crops!

And, of course, getting to hang out with G-a and my BFFF, Sonia (aka Sophia) was a blast as always. And wait til you see with KnK girls are up to next. I'll be putting a flier up here on the blog so check back over the next couple of days...especially if you live in Florida.

Becky, you were a wonder getting us through the flood. You can drive this Miss Daisy any day of the week with my great thanks.

As you can see, we drove through such torrential downpours to get to the crop, that we expected to see a surfer dude go by any moment.

I got bits and pieces of things done at the crop but not anything big. Will post the one layout I did get done as soon as I print out the photo and title for it.

Kids are due over later for swim and bbq. Chris is in St. Louis visiting his mom so we'll celebrate E's b'day next weekend instead of this one.

Hope your weekend has been a good one.


Janet M said...

Oh my goodness that really was a big rain storm

Janet M said...

I posted that to fast - glad you had a fun time at the crop and I'm looking forward to seeing what the news is from KnK.

Amy said...

WOW look at all that rainwater!! Yikes! Looks like the crop was a success. You better watch out, I'm going to show up for one of those someday..... ;)

Jules said...

Amy love, you best keep your promise would have such fun at one of these crops!

altar ego said...

Rain, rain! Gracious! Glad you had such a wonderful time and can't wait to see what inspiration comes from this weekend.

Love you!

rebecca lucille said...

Jules... I had an absolute BLAST! I didn't even mind the extra hour tacked on to our driving time due to the accident on 75... it gave us more time to chat! Had so much fun on the drive down ... AND at the crop! So glad to meet Theresa ... so happy to see Linda and Elle... love them both so much! Thanks again for asking me along... I can't wait to drive Daisy to the next crop!