Monday, October 12, 2009

Ca d'Zan

Our next stop after the Circus Museum was the Ringling's Venetian style mansion on the Bay. This was one of the more opulent mansions I had ever toured. Everything was gilded and heavy and with crystals hanging everywhere. We only saw the downstairs but that was more than enough. E and Bob were fascinated with the kitchen, its pantries, ovens and a flour canister under a cabinet. My eye was drawn through the many window to the view. The dining room reminded E and I of the one at the Kehoe House in Savannah with its giant sideboards and long long table. Please check back this afternoon and I'll have the outside loggia pictures up...the stone workings are wonderful and the view...let's just say, had they been serving some light snacks and drinks there, the four of us might still be sitting there today! lol.

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Janet M said...

I agree it is beautiful and if we had a snack and a drink we probably would have sat enjoying the view and the breeze for hours.
Great day and pictures.