Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lovely weather

here in Paradise and I have been outside as much as possible either reading on the lanai or down on the lower lawn. It has been way too nice to stay inside.

E did have a dr. apt. this morning to get the carcinoma removed from the small of his back and the shoulder spot biopsy came back as negative so we have good news on that front. The other dr.'s office did call and he has an apt. on Monday to discuss the procedure he will undergo for the removal of the melanoma on his head. While the office nurse could not say much about the results of the MRI and the CT scan, she did say things looked ok. We are hoping this is the start of a rash of good news.

As always, yoga was so invigorating and yet relaxing. I stayed after class to talk with the instructor who is a wonderful young woman about Kristen's age who is on a job search and with a woman my age who is fighting the insurance system to get her chemo treatments for a cancer. I have met the most interesting people lately and feel my life enriched by each encounter.

Hope your evening and week are good ones. I'll get back to scrapping tomorrow but for now, I am enjoying the out of doors.

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Pam in Moncton said...

Glad you are getting some good news and I hope it keeps coming!