Saturday, October 10, 2009

A weekend away

We have a house sitter in place and, in a couple of hours, we'll head south to meet Janet and Bob for lunch at a place he highly recommends but to which none of the rest of us have been. We're always up to trying something new and have placed our culinary quest squarely in the Miller's hands. And Bob knows good food!

Our next stop is the Ringling Museum and mansion which neither E nor I have seen but this stop has been our 'bucket' list of places to visit in our state. After we have worn ourselves out at Ringling which is hosting the International Arts Festival this weekend, we'll head back to Anna Maria Island until some time Sunday. We are looking forward to spending time with Bob and Janet and looking forward to a weekend of fun and escape with good friends.

Off to pack. Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend. Hope to put up some pictures of this new adventure tomorrow whenever we return.


parasols and maryjanes said...

Ringling in Sarasota is fabulous. So envy your trip. Also, Anna Mari and Longboat Key are dear memories dating from childhood--beaches, stretching long in the distance, empty of hotels and full of swaying pine trees, sea grapes, and sea oats.

rebecca lucille said...

Have a fabulous time! You and E deserve it! I've not been to either places you'll be can't wait to hear the critique and see photos of food and the museum!
See you on the 17th!