Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yesterday Part II

(Be sure to scroll down for Part I of the Eickmeier's and the Miller's exciting Getaway Adventure...and check out Janet's blog for more pics and info).

Our next stop was the Ringling complex and we spent hours all over the grounds and in the exhibits and museums. Our first stop was the Circus Museum. This was established in 1948 and the first of it's kind. There are wonderful posters, billboards and fliers everywhere but, for us, the highlight was the miniature museum carvings by Howard Tibbals who has been carving tiny replicas of a circus for the past fifty years to emulate the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus fro 1919-1938. It is so hard to imagine how this one man could carve so many wonderful figures, cars, animals and on and on. The entire display is 3/4 to the foot scale and covers 3,800 square feet. We were mesmerized to say the least.

Stay tuned for Part III...coming soon to a blog near you! lol

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altar ego said...

Lovely pictures, making-me-hungry food, so glad you had just the right getaway to salve what ails you. Loving you from afar!