Thursday, November 19, 2009

Early Christmas joy!

When Clare was here visiting she gave me these oh so funny flip flop socks...she calls them Mrs. Semese socks or jangle socks. I modeled them for E and he got a good laugh!

And don't you just love my new pool decoration! We gave the Tiki god of beer a Santa hat last year and now, we've added the floating Christmas tree!

Hope you have a great day.


madcow said...

LOL!! I knew you'd love them the minute I saw them!! (And Mrs Semisi says ignore my bad accent - they're Jandal socks!! Lol)

elle said...

the socks are very cute!

i bet you have your house almost decorated!! lol


altar ego said...

the tree rocks. Wish I could splash at it!

Jules said...

Clare darling, apologies for the mis types and to all, she gave me Jandals to got with the socks! and I LOVE them~

rebecca lucille said...

Jules... since you're retired and I work...will you please come decorate my house? All the lights and decorations are in the attic, and the ladder is on the west side of the house...I'll unlock the gate for you!!