Monday, December 07, 2009

Deck the halls with...

lots of presents. Janet and Bob's wonderful box of goodies arrived today. These protectors for the twins will be put to good use I am sure and the Swedish Chef from my favorite movie or tv show of all, the Muppets, sings and the lobsters talk when you push the button...too funny but not nearly as funny as Janet's note on the pkg. saying the store was out of the Chinese version...she ssng to Clare, Anne and I in Janetese Chinese for a lot of our vacation together...some times we even joined in

Kim and Jerry, Gene and I have a standing tradition of exchanging of musical Christmas toys. We have tried dissuading them from this gift exchange as our counter over floweth with them already. (I'll have to post a pic sometime soon and we have weeded out a few too). This year we could not resist getting Jerry a floating Christmas tree like ours and Kim, who collects cookie jars, one shaped like an big ornament. They said they will be shipping the musical toy to us...nOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. They gave me this darling tee shirt! How perfect.

And at the party Glo gave me this cute pin that she made, that creative gal Glo and a wonderful pkg. of raspberry filled chocolates and not just any favorites, Ghirdelli's! And my blog pal, W.O.T.E. gave us this luscious bottle of toffee liquor. We're saving it for some evening down by the fire pit or in the hot tub and will toast you, Cathy!

Thanks to all for our lovely gifts. Hoping the ones we've sent out are perfect for those to whom we have sent them! Season's Greetings and may you not get socks or a toaster unless you asked for 'em.

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Janet M said...

Glad the package arrived and you like the singing chef, he's pretty funny. It looks like you got a wonderful collection of fun gifts going on at your house. My package arrived yesterday and it looks like there will be some creative thing to make from there.
It's really cold, snowy and slippery up here, the countdown for Fl is on - four more weeks and no snow!