Thursday, December 10, 2009

Join in the chorus...

and sing along...tis the season to be jolly...fa la la la (ect.) These are our musical toys that,thanks to Kim and Jerry, we have managed to accumulate far too many of. (let that dangle...I am not an English teacher any longer. lol)They are fun and cute and provided lots of entertainment at the party last Sat. night and even some singing along. AS you can see, we are out of room. No more musical, moving, light up and sing along toys...none, no more, zilch!

Last Sunday was such fun I just have to show you some pics. Kim, Jerry, E and I met Kristen and Chris at Tuela'a on the Trail for breakfast. We love to sit outside but the tables there are too small for 6 and the weather was on the chilly side anyway. I had the seafood benedict and trail fries and wonderful meal as always. We all had a nice visit with the kids and, after they left, Kim and I decided to shop while the guys went to Peggy O'Neal's in Old Palm Harbor to watch the football game. AS we headed toward the mall, the guys called to tell Kim and I that there was a huge arts and crafts fair so we give up the mall for the fair. I found two very pretty gifts for a couple of friends and Kim found...kettle corn. The fair was huge and the streets were closed down for several blocks. There was even a doggy parade and they were all decked out for the holidays! We found the boys at the restaurant, had a snack and then all headed home. Kim and Jerry made it back to Titusville in record time. Now it is our turn to visit them.

Our weekends are filled for this month and January is filling fast too. Jo and Bill arrive on New Year's Eve and will be at the condo they have rented in Tarpon Springs for a month, Janet and Bob arrive in Anna Maria shortly thereafter, there is Book Club the 7th. and the Friday night crops at Ruban Rouge, a fund raiser crop on the 24th. (thanks for booking our table Jackie), a "Love" event at Ruban Rouge with Janet and Bob coming up that weekend and some road trips during the week days.
Our Christmas tree may just stay up a bit longer this year...hehe!

As people can tell and, like most bloggers, I have a site meter that allows me to see visits to my blog, duration of the visit and from where the 'hits' come. I appreciate all who visit so, will the Homasassa person who visits here and the one from Chicago please email me at You have been my most frequent visitors this month and I'd like to send you a little something to thank you!

Hope you all have a great day.


Jeannie said...

ok where is this resturant at on the trail.
I need to meet up with you and Becky and crop at her house..She is such a hoot..

Jules said...

Looks like a few of us are meeting for the Tarpon Springs Christmas Parade in front of the motel near Spring Bayou on the 19th. around 9:30

We can head over to Tuela's on the Trail from coffee can comfort food after that. I love that is right across from the train depot...and yes! Becky is a hoot! Love her to death!

elle said...

you guys sure are busy! thank goodness you're retired!!


rebecca lucille said...

I'm in for Tuela's after the parade!
... and what's the crops at RR?