Sunday, December 27, 2009

Looking forward to January

There is so much going on and so many fun things to do this coming month! New Year's Eve Bill and Jo arrive from St. Louis and move into their condo for the month. We have lots of day trips and fun things planned with the two of them. Jo and I have plans for coffee on the bayou mornings and she says she'll go to yoga with me.

We've got Epiphany here in Tarpon Springs on the 6th. and Rob turns 38 on the 7th. The kids find out the gender of the twins on the 11th. and Book Club falls some time in between those two dates.

Janet and Bob arrive at their island home here in Florida Jan 4th. and we have plans with them for the weekend of Ruban Rouge's mega LOVE classes. They guys are doing something and Janet and I are going to RR. They will be down until March or April so I am sure we'll be seeing more of each other...the boys do cook well together!

The Ruban Rouge Friday night crops start back up in January and I am so glad. I have missed Jackie, Jean, Diane and Nat and Lisa lots. And am hoping Becky and Cathy will be able to join in the fun too. When is the next parade, Becky? I'm ready.

The Child Rescue crop is here in Tampa on the 23rd...many thanks Jackie for getting all of us a table.

So, hurry up New Year's Eve and bring on the fun!

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Janet M said...

Your keeping busy doing so may fun things. Looking forward to seeing you for the RR day and the cooking that the guys will be doing.