Monday, December 21, 2009

That holiday spirit...

is alive and well at our house. We are almost done with our shopping. I still have two more gifts to buy and a bunch to wrap but it is sure feels a lot like Christmas here in Paradise. A cold snap has come through and, during our walk through the neighborhood to look at the lights last night, several other residents were either doing the same thing or working on putting up some lights. Everyone seems to have that holiday feeling intact!

Kristen and Chris stopped by yesterday to pick up somethings from us and both had been out shopping. They were on their way home to put a fire in the fire place and watch, White Christmas, a favorite of all of ours this time of the year.

I am really looking forward to K and my date on Wednesday. Look out we come. Jackie and Ginni both have given us ideas on places to go and things to see so I am sure the day will be fun.

We got amazingly wonderful news from a friend last night that served to remind us that not all gifts come wrapped in pretty papers and ribbons...some are just great news!

Have a wonderful day...and only four more til Santa comes. Are you ready?

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Janet M said...

Glad your almost ready for the day and the walk around the nieghborhood sounds like a nice way to spend the evening.

madcow said...

Oh Santa is getting closer and closer ... your pre-Xmas traditions sound just gorgeous.