Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh my ...those East Coast Girls!

Jo and I were invited to Glo's house for an afternoon soiree with the gals from the East Coast who are finally back in town for the season. And what a warm welcome Glo and all the others gave Jo and she has already been invited to another of the functions (and I get to come too)! lol

Gloria had such a lovely assortment of goodies for us and sent E home a care package along with the other 'men folk'. He has fallen in love with the chocolate covered strawberries and the salmon with the asparagus in the middle of the rolled yummy! And the eggs...oh Gerry...yum.

And Glo had us draw paper plates with numbers and starting with #4 (lucky Sandy) we each got to select a lovely plate on a candle stick (how creative and so much fun) that she made. I'm thinking appetizer plate, cupcakes, or as Glo suggested, soaps in my bath. Thanks hon.

And here is the gang of East Coast Gals plus two mid Western adoptees, Jo and me! Thanks for a wonderful afternoon ladies and here is to many more!

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janierob said...

Hi Jules,

Want to ask you questions about Tarpon Springs...have out of town visitors coming at the end of the month ad they want to visit Tarpon Springs area.

Please contact me...e-mail address should be attached to this message