Friday, January 15, 2010


and a happy Friday to all. It's been a busy couple of days and we've even been having more typical Florida weather. It is suppose to be 74, sunny and balmy today. YEAH! Off to take a walk in just a bit.

Yoga yesterday kicked my butt! The new studio in town is very nice and Eve is a great instructor. I'll continue my Wed.s with Gretchen and try to do 2 practices a week with Eve. It is a different style of yoga and an hour and a half, not just an hour. I could use the extra push and I sure got it yesterday! No pain, no gain, right?

Jo and I are meeting for brunch today at ten. Probably head over to Tuela's on the Trail as we can sit outside this morning and people watch. Love that place. Then we are off to the airport (I'm showing her a shortcut) to pick up her and Bill's grandson and his girlfriend who are visiting through Monday. Hope they get some nice days as it is suppose to be cloudy and cool tomorrow and maybe Sunday. There is always Busch Gardens.

Around 5, I'll head up to Ruban Rouge for a crop with the Crew. I have missed these wonderful women and the fellowship they offer Friday after Friday. I have kitted up about 6 or 7 layouts to work on. Let's see how much I actually get done. Can't wait to chat with Lisa, the owner, as I have missed her too!

My scale says 156lbs which means a bunch of weight gone! I missed my WW weigh in this week due to a dr. apt. but I set my scale to match the one in the dr. office so I'm going to believe what I see and just be happy. That means 6 lbs to goal then to maintain that goal weight within 2 lbs. for 6 wks. I CAN do this!

Hope everyone has a great day!


altar ego said...

Yes, you CAN do this! Proud of you keeping up the discipline and nearing your goal. Keep up the good work!

Cindy Marchant said...

Nice loss on the ol scale Jules!! Good for you!! I love WW but I have to drive quite a ways to get to a meeting and the online thing doesn't work for me. I miss it very much.

Carla said...

HI HI are you? Im blog hopping and wanted to stop by and say HI.