Monday, January 11, 2010

What I did on my Sunday Vaction by Jules E

It was a chilly day AGAIN here in Paradise but Jo and I braved the elements and headed to the Art Fair in Dunedin yesterday. To fortify ourselves against the cold, we first went to Sea Sea Riders which has become one of my newest favorite restaurants! The special was a shrimp omelet and twofers on the Mimosas, which were excellent by the way!

We shopped the art fair and then hit all our favorite boutiques...Q's of course and also the sister store, Vixen. I've been wanting to try something other than brown for an eyeshadow and one of the owners gave me great advise on some new picks. Will try these out later today!

I love the quirkiness of Dunedin and this bathtub in a courtyard is just one of the many photo ops.

When we could no longer feel our toes, we headed back to the car and home. Bill and Jo came over later for supper and E was over the top with his salmon and white beans with shitake mushrooms in a merlot reduction. Be still my heart.

My bed is made, my dishes done, a load or two of laundry in the works and I've had my morning coffee with my pals. I am off to scrap and work on a project that could easily take me months to complete. I'll post a preview when I get the idea more in place...I need chalk for this one!

Enjoy your day!


Teri said...

The salmon looks great, I think I will give it a try!

Janet M said...

It sounds like your week is geting off to to a perfect start. You get to have the best part this afternoon going to find out about the babies!

altar ego said...

Oh, that salmon! Seeing the beans reminds me that Ken made beans and ham in the crockpot yesterday. Yum!!!!! I keep going back for more (but for the record, I keep each portion small, LOL!). Glad you're getting so much done. I've had a productive day, too!

pam bennett said...

tell Gene I HAVE to have that salmon when i come to visit! I will bring the champagne ;)