Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy Sunday

With a forecast of rain moving into our area for the afternoon, E and I headed up to the Art on the Bayou annual art show in Craig Park early. We had a couple of lovely hours to spend roaming the stalls and admiring the artists' work before we headed home. We grabbed a couple of goodies in the food court and ran into a neighbor. This art fest is a juried show and features the best of the best. We even found a turtle bench to show Bob and Janet for their yard on Anna Maria. (sending you the info and pics, pal).

These pictures show just a sampling of the close to 300 vendors that exhibited at the fest. So many pretties.

After we got back from the Art on the Bayou, the heavens opened up and it poured here. During one of the lulls, I headed up to Ruban Rouge to a baby shower thrown by Becky S and Lisa A (the owner of RR) for Stephi. Everyone did a two page layout for her and, had I not left my camera at home yesterday along with my cell phone, I could show you some of the lovely layouts the guests did for her. Becky's French Onion soup and her cheesy potato soup were perfection and the little cakes that Sephi's mom made were so wonderful. She is a professional cake maker and it sure showed.

Got to see some of the Friday Night Crew gals and made some scrappy and lunch plans for this week and for when Jean is on spring break. Look out Jack Willies, here we come!

Just as I was finishing up with a second layout (this one for our twins), Kristen came by the lss to let me know E has invited her and Chris over for supper. She carried my stuff out to the car while I paid my bill (lots of nice goodies in the store). E fixed us both lamb burgers and sirloin burgers on the grill and Kristen and I made plans to get together over her Spring Break (this week) and help her get organized for the twins upcoming arrival. Nesting has settled in with

Janet and I have been busy planning some fun things for Pam B's upcoming visit. She does want to visit some of the local places here in Tarpon Springs and she wants to cook with E again too. Janet has invited us to visit with her for a couple of days too so Pam can see a bit more of the coast. We'll meet up with Janet in Sarasota and introduce Pam to the Columbia restaurant there and St. Armands'Circle shopping. Then back to Janet's beach house for more fun.

Good thoughts please for my sister who consults with her doctor today on the best steps to take to deal with the reemergence of cancer. The prognosis is good as it is localized. But prayers and good thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Roz said...

hope you have a great visit, and a great time helping get things ready for the twins arrival!

rebecca lucille said...

Jules - prayers for your sister .... and I'll make sure to tell Jimbo and Jamie in GA to add her to their prayers in prayer group too. I sure wish I could've scrapped and played with y'all...but that pesky work thing gets in the way! Retirement can't get here soon enough!