Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mini Album on a Layout

While some events like long vacations or visits or holidays often result in entire albums, sometimes there are not enough photos to justify this. For these, I create a mini album and put it on a layout.

I inherited a bunch of photos of my family from long before when I was even a glimmer in my father's eye. My aunt and uncle courted through the war and while the letters they exchanged are lost, the photos they sent each other were not. It is easy to piece together their romance from the notes on the backs of the photos and the stories my aunt would tell me.

The papers from the March KnK Club kit were perfect for this project. Thanks Amy for designing such a lovely kit.

I selected a few of the better ones and this is the result. Are you smiling, Aunt Momie?


Deanna said...

Incredible! I love your work!

altar ego said...

How cool! I'll need to remember this...