Sunday, March 14, 2010

Out of the house...

After heavily medicating myself and soaking in the steam from the hot tub yesterday morning, I felt good enough to finally break out of the house. We both have been sleeping lots both at night and during the day and I guess it was our body's way (along with meds) of fighting this sinus thing. We were suppose to meet up with another couple or two at a street party in old Palm Harbor to celebrate St. Pat's but, when one of the couples called to cancel, we took it as an omen to take a pass too and instead, we went out to lunch.

Ozona Blue restaurant sits on the Gulf with a view of Honeymoon Island. The food is phenomenal but the best part is that the restaurant, which is part of a big boat marina, has its own pool. You can swim before your meal or after, or even be served pool side. I have never been to a place like this before! We found out about Ozona Blue from Sandy from Book Club and have been back several times. And yes, Pam and Clare, we can go here when you both visit.

I had the Italian flatbread and devoured the entire thing myself. I was going to show great restraint but threw that out the window with my first bite. Oh yum.

On our way home, we pass one of our two favorite nurseries, the Outdoor Living Room and just had to stop, of course. E found a bay laurel tree and I found a couple of plants to replace some of the ones killed off by one of the frosts.

We came home to a warm lanai and spent the rest of the afternoon dozing and reading a small area garden magazine and making plans for the rest of the area struck by the frost.

Just what the doctor ordered for both of us...a nice day in Paradise.

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Roz said...

glad you are feeling better! The sinus crud and respiratory nonsense has been going around over on this coast too!