Thursday, April 15, 2010

If it's Wed., it must be Jack Willie's

We did crop at Ruban Rogue yesterday, honest we did. I got two layouts almost done before we decided we were in need of nourishment. Jean is on Spring Break and has not been able to join us for our Wed. crop and lunch until this week. It was so good to have her join in and contribute greatly to the hilarity that accompanies our get togethers. So, after a couple of hours of laughing and cropping at Lisa's store, we relocated to our new favorite place, Jack Willie's Tiki Bar and Grill in Oldsmar.

We all picked up some sun as our table was one of the few without an umbrella but we had a great view of the water and the jumping fish kept us (particularly Diane) entertained.

Here is Jean demonstrating the British method of hair protection...I am not sure that the paper napkin she knotted and wore is quite the same as the kerchiefs but it was fun!

and then there was Jackie in her off the shoulder peasant blouse striving for a better tan.

One of our servers was a little gal in training. Poor thing...a table full of silly ladies was her baptism by fire! Oh, and Diane, my turn to pop for the fries next time.

Jackie and I got our usual order of beer battered jumbo shrimp appetizers and Diane hers' of grouper bites. But, after seeing Jean's Caribbean shrimp salad and hearing her rave about the balsamic vinaigrette dressing, I may have to give that a shot next time.

Good thoughts go with Diane today as she undergoes a procedure to relieve the pain in her neck.

Pam arrives in twelve hours and E and I can hardly wait. Lots of fun plans afoot and Janet, we'll see you Sat.!

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Janet M said...

I'm excited to see both of you on Saturday and our time in St Armands will go fast but we'll have a great evening here at the house, sunset pictures and grilling out.
That looks like a wonderful day with everyone. Glad you had fun cropping at RR.