Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcome to my weekend here in Paradise

We met friends for happy hour on Friday and had dinner on the lanai. It is that time of the year and we both smell a bit like Skin So Soft, our sure fire method for keeping the no seeums at bay. I finally found an on line site to order some more of our hanging garden solar lights so the pathway to the lower lawn will once again be fully lit. Right now we only have about one out of every three of the lights powering.

Sat. we got up bright and early and got our things put out for the garage sale. Good thing too as we made our first sale at 6:30 am and our community garage sale did not even start until 8:00. By 2 we had pretty much sold out of what we had and made enough to cover our Rays baseball tickets, parking and some supper that night as well. And we got rid of tons of stuff we no longer use or want. We have one big box of books for the library, one box of things for Goodwill and one box of craft things for donation to either K's school if they can use them or to the senior center.

This morning we biked into town for our breakfast at Tuela's on the Trail. E had his usual two eggs, sausage, rye and the trail fries but I opted for the chicken and portabella with swiss and skipped the bread in lieu of the trail fries. The only one who makes better sliced and fried/cooked potatoes here in Tarpon Springs is Lime N Coconut with their garlic potatoes which are to die for!

Quiet day here today. Nothing planned and that is just what we might do...a whole bunch of sitting on the lanai, working the crosswords and some cooking. E has veal picata on the menu.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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