Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's the Weekend! Let the fun begin.


We actually started our weekend a tad bit early but, when you are retired, you can do that. It is just one of the fringe benefits. Thursday, after helping Kristen organize papers in preparation for the ending of school, E and I went to Crabby Bill's here in Tarpon Springs for some cold beer and a late lunch. It was cool and shady in the courtyard and quiet and we ended up taking home most of our late lunch for an early dinner.

We putzed around the house on Friday. E got some of the algae off the lanai struts, fertilized and treated some of the plants and I read on the lanai. Around three, we headed to our new favorite Friday place, Santorini's. There was the usual wonderful breeze off the Gulf and the water traffic is always a delight to watch. This view is facing up the river and we live a short distance over the bridge. I love the fact we can ride our bikes anywhere in town in such a short time.

When Becky got off work, she and Bob headed over to join us and invited the most delightful couple, Sandy and Dave. What a great evening and such good food. Although I am not an octopus lover, E is and he had what he said is some of the best ever. I had baked lemon chicken with artichokes and still have half of it for lunch tomorrow.

Our waiter, Vinnie, is new to the area originally from Brooklyn and he was an excellent waiter taking great care of us. Ask for Vinnie if you go.

Today we are off on another adventure. Tarpon Springs is hosting an International Food Festival down on the Sponge Docks and my honey and I have a date to roam the vendors and have a leisurely lunch. Kristen is coming by later for some pool time. Who knows what tomorrow will bring...hope you are having a great weekend too!

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