Sunday, May 30, 2010

Road Trip Part IV

By this time, despite od'ing on Amish licorice in a variety of flavors we found at Brown's Market, we had worked up a hunger. I think it was the marathon shopping! Next door to She Scraps we found Urban Flats, a beautiful place with amazingly fresh and mostly low cal foods on the menu. Jackie got the steak flat break, Becky ordered a salad and sandwich and Jean got the same but no bread. My baby spinach with mushrooms and walnuts in balsamic was wonderful. We left sated but not stuffed. I highly recommend this restaurant if you are even in the Villages. And lastly, Becky has been officially inducted into the Mad Hatter's Society. Like my friend Gail, she looks so wonderful in hats. I envy them both.

And, as is so typical of a Becky/Jules road trip, it rained. It not only rained, it poured on our trip home so much so that it was hard to see the car ahead of us. But, Becky, being the great driver she is, got us home safe and sound. We are already planning our next road trip...look out Violette's, here we come.

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