Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy WEd.

Alas, no new grandtwin pictures to post. The boys has a ped apt. today and both are doing well. Landon is gaining his weight back slowly and Cole a bit quicker and Cole is still a bit jaundiced but that too is improving. All in all...doing well.

I had a great yoga practice today and tomorrow, if we ride a bike, walk etc. to yoga rather than drive we get a class for 10.00...about 6.00 less than a single class's cost. E says he'll ride in with me so we're off...class is at 9:15 so I'll be scarce in the a.m.

And what's up with me an mornings lately. Usually I jump out of bed ready to take on the day and see what it has to offer. I am still waking up at the same time, but now have been reading in bed for a half hour or so...

E found some sales at Steinmart today on shirts and picked up another 3 really nice ones for the cruise. Then I met Jackie (thanks so much for the b'day lunch) and Jean (I love the outfits you got for the boys and need you to email me your address so Little Mama can write you a thank you note). We had such a good time catching up and organizing a crop at my house for this next week.

Hope everyone is having a great day. (oh, and going to see the babies tomorrow!)

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