Friday, June 25, 2010

Jo is here, Jo is here.

She and I hit the road running after I picked her up from the airport. We stopped on the way home for a visit with the grandbabies and (alas)no pictures. We were both so busy hugging and cuddling with them, there were no arms free for a camera. I promise more when I help out on Sat., Chris's first day back at work. I am missing Ginni's crop this weekend which is my one regret!

E took us all our to eat at our favorite Greek restaurant here in town, Mykanos. Jo and I brought half of each our dinners home for lunch today. After supper, I addicted Jo to the Real Housewives. Last night was a rerun of the reunion of the New York gals and I have told Jo the New Jersey ones are much more entertaining. While we watched my 'guilty pleasure', we had a couple of scoops of Talenti Sorbetto (fresh raspberry) another of my 'guilty pleasures'.

Today we are shopping and looking at houses and rentals for Jo and Bill for this coming winter. Jo wants to get some things for our cruise and try to nail down the rental before she leaves.

Sat. is the baby day for me and more of today for Jo. E is fixing us the salad from the Columbia for lunch and will deliver it to K' that is what I call service!

Sunday we are meeting Janet M in St. Pete at the scrap store there and then having lunch to catch up. She is in Anna Maria refurbishing the condos she and Bob own. The three of us had such fun when Jo was down last.

Monday, Glo, Sandy, Jo and I are doing lunch at the Tarpon Turtle and getting caught up. And then some more running around for us.

If I don't get to blog for a day or two, watch this spot and I'll get caught up soon! Have a great weekend.

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