Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunshine and good friends

We had a delightfully busy day yesterday. Jo and I started the day with coffee and a variety of fresh fruits on the lanai with the Sunday paper. By ten am we were on our way to the Craft Fair in Dunedin, the little Scottish town just south of where I live. While we did not find the earrings we are both looking for, we did find...a hat lady! And nothing would do but for one of us to try on a few. I found this one particularly fetching...what do you it me? lol

The sky was gorgeous...a splendid blue with white puffy clouds and we did have a bit of a breeze but the temps here have been horrifically high and yesterday was not exception. By the time we had walked the two blocks of the Craft Fair we felt like wilted lettuce!.

The car had cooled by the time we made our way down to the Pier in St.Pete and the Columbia restaurant where we met up with Janet and her enchanting grand daughter, Cynthia. Janet and Cynthia are down in Anna Maria preparing three condos that Janet and Bob have recently purchased for rentals. And yesterday they took a break from their cleaning and shopping and decorating to have lunch with us.

Here we are toasting to all those who could not join us (you know who you are!). The sangria, which is hand made at the table, is so yummy! We shared a flat bread and then had the 1905 famous house salad and the black bean soup. And Miss Cynthia has a decadent chocolate cake slice with chocolate mousse for her after lunch treat.'

I'll try to put up some of the pictures from our trolley ride through downtown St. Pete later. Our driver was a tour guide extraordinaire.

Today we are meeting Glo and Sandy (book club pals) for lunch and catch up at the Tarpon Turtle and finalizing the side trips we decided on last night for our cruise. We are only doing one tour through the cruise liner and have elected to do tours of several of our other stops with private drivers and vans and some we will do ourselves such as our day visit to Capri. It is so nice to be going with Jo and Bill whose expertise has proven invaluable...and besides, we have such fun with them.

Have a great day.

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Janet M said...

Great collection of pictures on here today and it was wonderful meeting up with you and Jo. I can see why you you have such a good time traveling with her, she's got such a great attitude!
Enjoy your day today.