Monday, July 12, 2010

Beach Time Baby!

We both woke up this morning shortly after four a.m. and hit the deck running! We got the sheets washed, dried and back on the bed, the bathroom cleaned, the rugs all down where they belong, the trees and plants watered and the food into coolers and into the van and, by 8 am., we were on the road!

I have been spending a few weeks each summer here at Estero Island Beach Club. My dear Papa Joe use to manage the time share resort and helped me get 3 wks. in the same unit and use to employ both of my kids so they would have summer spending money.

I don't think I have missed a summer since I first bought my units in 1985...this is my 25th. year!

Once E and I got married, we started inviting friends down and each, as they came, also bought a week. Kristen and Jill bought two weeks and alternate summers for our prime week: the infamous Week week.

This week is E and my week (we sold our 3rd. week to Rob as we had helped K get her week). We don't do anything we don't want to do but there is one thing we always do...go to the Cottage (one of the oldest places here on the beach). It is our reward for unpacking and getting settled into our unit. Today, we had grabbed sandwiches on our way to Ft. Myers so we sat out on the pool deck. I read the end of a book and E worked a cross word. We visited with old friends whom we only see once a year here and finally worked up an appetite.

So, we headed on down the beach to The Cottage and our traditional 'meal' of bacon wrapped shrimp w/a seasoned honey dip and beach bread with a beer chaser. We toasted 1) all the working people...the every afternoon Week 29 toast and then 2) all our good friends whom we wish were here with us!

Happy Monday!


Janet M said...

Oh that looks wonderful - I hope your two weeks have you relaxed and enjoying the whole beach vacation.

Juliana said...

WOW! This looks like heaven to me Jules!!!