Monday, August 02, 2010

The Twins at 8 weeks

Landon and Colvin have doubled their weight and are developing such distinctive personalities. Kim came for a visit and whispered to them both GAK loves you best...(Great Aunt Kim)! lol

I love the backs of their necks, their tiny toes and just watching them play longer and longer periods of time without fussing. They have found their arms and hands and are endlessly fascinated by them.

Nothing can compare to sweet babies.

And congrats to Jill and Kelly on the birth of their very own son, Liam Kelly!


Janet M said...

Oh they just keep getting cuter all the time, I love the picture with the baby on your shoulder and the one with you talking to him. Have fun , fun with them.
Your going to have to get some serious baby time in before you head off on your cruise with all the time away with CHA and now St. Louis.
Hugs to you !

Deb said...

They are just too sweet!! I know you are spoiling them rotten!

pam bennett said...

love those little ones!