Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Papa and his boys

For a man who came into (step) fatherhood rather late in his life, E has certainly taken to being a grandpapa quickly. He and I babysit the twins on Fridays and, while we leave tired, we do have a wonderful time with the boys. We moved here about three and a half years ago in anticipation of Kristen and Chris starting their family. We loved Ft. Myers and the home we had built there and the friends we had made, but it was time.

We love where we live now. Our small town is not lacking in opportunities for adventures and have made some excellent friends. I love Book Club, Dinner Club, scrapping at Posh and riding our bikes on the Trail whenever we wish. The river is practically in our back yard and the beach about ten minutes away.

And our grandbabies live almost up the street (about 15 min. away). We've given lots of thought about swim lessons, fishing, walks around Spring Bayou and E giving the boys cooking lessons all when they get a bit older.

Meanwhile, E has become a great Papa as these pictures show.

I'm off to crop today with Jackie, Di and hopefully our friend, Katherine. It has been too long since we've all been together for our Wed. gathering. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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altar ego said...

Lucky boys. Lucky all of you. Yet again, I wish I were closer. Miss you.