Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve Part I

We had lots of happy people here last night. Kristen got her mirror so she can check on both babies in their back facing car seats while she is driving, Chris got a new golf shirt and a lightweight sweater, Rob some new jeans and stocking hats and E his large flashlight along with a shirt that says, Papa's Boys and a picture of the twins. I got a Pandora charm, a charm bracelet for my Med charms from the cruise and my favorite cologne (Loren) that is so hard to find. And the boys...their favorite part of Christmas was eating the wrapping paper when we were not looking. They did seem to enjoy the stuffed turtle and the gator that Santa brought too and Landon played Rock Star in his Mickey Mouse Club sunglasses. Uncle Rob and Colvin spent some quality time cuddling too.

More to come later...we are off to Kristen's for Christmas Day brunch. Hope your Christmas dreams all came true.

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LyndaKay said...

Such happy faces! Merry Christmas Jules and thanks for your inspiring scrapbook LOs over at ACOT. I can see where you get YOUR inspiration ... what a lovely family!