Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fun Friday and Easy Sat.

The boys are so funny and our Fridays such a delight. They are working on sitting up with mixed results and crawling, mostly backwards but put them in the walker and they are greased lightening! Landon spent a great part of the time on the lanai either trying to eat Little Mama's plants or stick his fingers into the fan. Colvin just wants to chase the cat or roll all over the play mat. Colvin says something close to Nana and Landon has DaDa down pat but tends to call everyone that. What a delight.

This morning I decided that after yoga on the beach, I would make not a single plan besides the one layout I still had to do for Janet Miller and my two hour gig at ACOT from 8-10 tomorrow morning for the crop, Instead of planning to do this or do that or get more done for the upcoming Crafty Ladies Garage sale here at my house next Sat, I'd let the day unfold and see where it led.

and lead it did. Our friend, Becky, whom we have not seen in eons, text(ed?) me and asked if E and I wanted to meet her and her beau at Blues and Brews in Old Palm Harbor...ah, YES! What fun this will be. Pictures tomorrow.

And yoga on the this locale: the dolphins playing in the Gulf, the birds, the palm trees, the boats, the surf gently breaking on the shore...not sure if it added to the focus on my practice today but it sure didn't detract from the ambiance.

I may have to do less planning and more letting the day take me where it wants me to to opportunities LOVE IT.


LyndaKay said...

"Yoga on the Beach" Sounds like a cool drink name for the Tiki Bar! You are living the life, girl!! And the expressions on the boys are so cute in these pictures. Gotta go... back to the ACOT Crop!

Cathy said...

Where is yoga on the beach in our area? Do you use a mat, as it would get sandy?

Janet M said...

Oh my gosh the boys are changing and growing so fast, adorable pictures of them.
Keep posting pictures of them, I love seeing them.
See you at 8am for our shift at ACOT.