Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow Day

Well, not here, of course. It has been in the mid 70s most of this week and lovely but many of our friends have not been this fortunate. We got a face book message from one of our pals, Jill, who said that they were all meeting at our old condo for the traditional sledding party and could E cook up a big pot of his chili. lol.

Every year, when the cold winds would blow and the snow would start to fall, we all held our collective breaths waiting for the call that said, "No School". Because E was a department chairman, he would get the call as soon as the powers that be made the decision to call off school. I would roll back over, pull those nice warm covers up to my neck and revel in the thought of spending the entire morning in my jammies.

We had our own call chain for our friends. We'd let everyone sleep in and then start the calls. One year, we all met for lunch and went bowling. Another year, we watched movies at someone's house but what we generally did was throw a party at our condo. We had a huge hill behind our condo and a walk out from our lower level. E would cook up a big pot of soup or chili and our friends would drift over to our place as soon as the roads could be cleared a bit. We had sleds and ski boards and I even put on my snow skis and hiked up the hill to ski down it. Ah, the good old

Today I am off to meet Jacque for some scrapping and then Di will join us for lunch. If we do not get rain, I am thinking this might be a Jack Willies Tiki Bar and Restaurant kind of day.

Hope your day is a good one and for our snow bound friends, stay safe and warm.

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