Monday, February 07, 2011

Wandering thoughts

Our friend who has suffered the stroke is holding his own. His wife, my oldest friend since we were 14, has the comfort of her grandson who arrived yesterday and she knows we are nearby should she need us, a car, a warm meal or a hug. They needed to be together as a family. The doctors are a bit surprised that our friend is doing a bit more than holding his own. One of the ER nurses told his wife they were delighted to hear our friend was doing so well.

I put out a prayer call to numerous friends and please, those of you who are praying people, please continue. Our pal, Glo, called her sister, the nun, and she has a whole convent praying for our friend. It is working!

And, in the midst of this, life goes on. We ran errands today, made plans for our upcoming company and quietly held our breath awaiting the latest news. And it was good.

And E spotted this Polka Dot bug climbing up our screen door. Does anyone know what this is?

Kiss the ones you love and hug the ones you don' will just confuse them! lol


Alisha said...

So glad your friend is hanging in there and that he has family nearby. I will continue to keep him in my prayers. That bug is huge! Wow!

LyndaKay said...

I looked up your bug for you. He's an Oleander Moth, often called the Polka Dot Wasp Moth, because he resembles a wasp. They are slow flying and active during the day, which is a contrast to most nocturnal moths. Got the info from a U. Florida site.

Sure hope Bill is doing better today. He's your Med. cruise buddy? Continued prayers for him.