Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It can't be Tues already, can it?

Yesterday I scrapped all day...with the rain and everything all wet, it just seemed the best way to pass a day inside. Around 3:30, I headed over to the kids' house to watch the boys a bit while K went to the dentist and C went to class.

Every time I go to see these little fellas (and I see them at least once a week if not more...trying not to be a smothering Nana, you know), they are cuter and cuter and doing so many new and different things. The kids had pulled out a new toy for the boys that someone gave them when the boys were born. This slide like thing shoots out little balls (not small enough to choke on) and sends them swirling back down around and back out the top again. Each of the boys has his favorite color (Landon red and Colvin purple) and they delight in this toy! Daddy seems to enjoy it too. lol

K and I were going to take the boys to baby yoga class this morning but seems that the boys are 'too old' for this class. Unfortunately, we did not find out in time for me to make my WW weigh in and meeting. May try to catch the Thurs. one if I can find out where it meets.

My reveal at ACOT is tomorrow and I had such fun with the products I selected; oh, and my project for the Blue Moon challenge at Gingersnaps premieres tomorrow too along with several other members of the DT so stay tuned here for the layouts and my altered blog for...well, you'll just have to stay tuned and see! lol

Hope your week is going well.

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