Friday, March 11, 2011

TGIF: the boys turned 9 mo. yesterday

If it is Friday, Nana and Papa are with our grandbabies. We had a blast today, as we always do. These little guys are so much fun and very funny to boot. Each has his own set of 'tricks'.

Colvin's latest is blowing raspberries, which is not as amusing when he has a mouthful of mashed potatoes as it is when he does not. He is up and, Houston, we have take or two 'crawls' then splat!

Landon has been up and running, so to speak for about 2 wks. now. Besides trying to pull himself up on things, his trick is cocking his head to one side or another when we speak to, what did you say? lol He is also trying very hard to sit up but one leg seems to perpetually be in the way.

They are very aware of each other and of the pets. Today, when we had them on the blanket I put over the rug in the kids' living room, the kept turning to each other head bumping. I'd pull one or the other back and turn around...boom, gently head bumping each other again.

I have the cutest pic of Landon and Papa 'crawling' together. Will try to post that tomorrow.

Hope your weekend is wonderful and good thoughts going out to our friends in Hawaii and on the West Coast of the US.

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