Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Like it use to be

When Kristen was in high school, she and I would make a Mom/Daughter dates once a month. Between our jobs, school, her cheer leading and swim team, we often were ships passing in the night. Our monthly date helped us keep close.

We would get Chinese take out, rent a couple of movies, climb into jammies and settle in for the evening.

Kristen called last Wed. and wanted to know if we could have a date day. So, while the boys napped, she and I ate Chinese take out, watched The Tourist (good movie with beautiful scenes of the Venice I love)and got caught up with each other. Sometimes trying to recreate things and times that bring people pleasure and connections just doesn't work...but it did for us. It was just like it use to be and better because we had the little boys to play with and E for company and to cook us a lovely dinner before Kristen took the boys home

E and I have decided early this year what to give each other for Christmas...tickets to hear our favorite tenor, Bocelli. He is coming to Tampa in Dec. We're ordering the tickets later today when we can decide on seats.

The little guys are coming over for the afternoon so their daddy can study for an upcoming test. Can't wait to see them.

Hope your week is going well.

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