Monday, April 25, 2011

Simple Pleasures Day Seven and Easter

Today ends my week of Simple Pleasures. I think doing this has made me far more aware of how every day, even the darkest, has something to offer us, some small pleasure in which we can take comfort and feel joy.

Today, my simple pleasure are my new tennies. Now this may not seem a big deal to most...go to the store, pick some out, try them on, pay and wear them But I have arthritis in one foot and an old stress fracture in the other and most tennies do not fit well. I found these at TJMaxx and on sale (which it itself is a huge pleasure) and they even came with a spare set of shoe laces albeit in neon pink.

The simple pleasure comes from the fact, these shoes do not bind, rub or put pressure on sensitive parts of my feet yet give me support and I have reinstated walking for at least a half hour as an alternative to biking. Variety is the spice of life, right? My simple that fit!

The entire family came together for Easter. The little guys seemed to love the duck and the bunny we gave them, with Colvin swinging that rabbit around by its ears with joyous abandonment.

E fixed us a wonderful turkey, 3 cheese mac and green beans and the boys swam in the pool and got reacquainted with their Uncle Rob.

After dinner, the little guys has us in stitches. We put them both down on the floor and they played some sort of tag, follow the leader, hare and tortoise game crawling at breakneck speed from one end of the house to the other, stopping now and then to bump heads, laugh riotously. They would trade places and the game would start all over again! We laughed with them so much not a single one of us (and all armed with cameras and phones that shoot video) took a single shot.

Busy and fun week ahead filled with scrapping, old friends, weekend fun with company and much much more.

Hope your weekend was a delight and your week even more so


The Bug said...

I got some Skechers recently & I think they're FABULOUS. I'd been having a lot of heel pain & these particular shoes (the shape-ups) keep the pressure off of my heel. Wonderful!

LyndaKay said...

I say put those neon pink laces in and kick up your heels! Pics of boys are adorable as usual.