Saturday, April 23, 2011

Simple Pleasures for Day Five and two layouts.

One of my Simple Pleasures is waking up in the morning or at dusk and looking out my bedroom window. We've worked hard to take the grassy slope that was edged with rocks at the bottom and turn it into a winding path lined with roses,lavender, gardenia, hibiscus and other pretty plants that leads to the rustic and (slightly) leaning gate and fence.

In the morning, the sun's rays are filtered and alternate with the shadows on the fence. In the evening the low hanging solar lights lining the pathway and the solar twinkle lights that outline the gate and fence bring back memories of fireflies (which we do not have here in Fl or at least the part in which I live).

These are the two layouts I did Thursday when Jacque and I cropped at Posh Scraps. Both are done with Little Yellow Bicycle's Twig line of papers and embellishments. One more layout done of the Med. Cruise with Jo and Bill and one more to add to the Madcap Adventures of the Luscious Lushes Album with Janet, Clare and Pam last Jan. Progress! lol.

I am working today preparing for my workshop next Sat. at Posh. We'll be stamping and inking on some fun things like acrylics, glass, tissue paper etc. and, for the gals who come, a special surprise! Call the store to make reservations 727-784-2928.

We also have Dinner Club tonight at Bob and Becky's and E is knee deep in six different kinds of deviled egges. We have appetizers. The kids are all coming over tomorrow for Easter and swim time.

It is a busy week coming up with cropping on Wed. with Jacque and Di, my friend, Gail, is in town from Vermont and we have lunch plans on Thur., Friday we watch the boys and we have company coming into town for the weekend.

Hope you have a great Easter Weekend!


LyndaKay said...

Lovely winding walkway!

Janet M said...

Love the layouts both of them and the walk way and gardens are looking great.