Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a day...

I was going to surprise our friend, Gail, from Vermont, with Janet. The three of us have "known" each other for about ten years via a message board, long ago and now far away. We were part of what became known as the Early Birds, posting to each other about our plans for our day, our trials, joys and in general our lives. There are about 12 of us left who still check in with each other almost every morning via an Early Bird message board that Gail set up for us. Almost all of us have met IRL one way or another.

Gail was waiting for a washer/dryer to be delivered to her sisters and Bob and Janet arrived at our house around 11am. Bob and E had made plans to continue their search for the perfect oyster and Janet wanted to visit with her "nephews", Colvin and Landon. Janet is one of the boys Aunties. Janet and Bob arrived looking a tad bit like the Bobbsey Twins but oh so cute!

After a visit with the twins, we met up with Gail at Posh Scraps. Both gals found some things they just had to have and I got to see a new line of products that I fell in love with! More on that later but I know Michele was ordering some!

After Posh we headed to Monolo's in downtown Tarpon Springs where Gail use to live 18 or so years ago. The area has changed a bit since she last saw it. Our waiter was also we believe, the owner and was a real charmer. We had wonderfully fresh salads window side and watched my little downtown go by.

We hit the Sponge Docks and did a bit of shopping therapy and then back to our house for refreshing drinks on the lanai. Gail headed back to her sisters but before she left she and Janet did a smack down on E who didn't seem to mind a whole lot. and Gail gave each of us a lovely jar of Vermont Maple syrup...I see pralines!

We headed to Rusty Bellies at the far end of the Sponge Docks for some more salad for Janet and me and grouper and mahi mahi for the guys.

And I am not sure what had E and I laughing this time because we laugh most of the time we are with Bob and you guys!

Be sure to check Janet's blog tomorrow as I am sure she'll have some great pics too...the ones she took of the boys ROCK!

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