Tuesday, May 17, 2011

After E's baked apple pancakes with caramel sauce, roasted pecans and a scoop of ice cream, we got cleaned up and I took Jadee on the 50cent tour of Tarpon Springs. We headed next to Posh Scraps and then to Dunedin to meet Kristen and the little boys for lunch at Sea Sea Riders...one of E and my favorite places to eat in one of our favorite towns. Lunch was delectable as always and it was good for Kristen and Jadee to chat about kids. I am glad Jadee got to meet the boys as she will not be down for Week 29 (our time share week at Ft. Myers Beach) this summer.

And no visit to Dunedin is complete with out some shopping and a scoop of ice cream from Stechens, on the corner of Alt.19 and Main.

After the deluge of rain stopped, we headed back to Posh to finish our shopping and then headed home. E had a wonderful salad with avocado and pancetta waiting for us and then Jadee and E cooked. We had a wonderful salmon with a white bean ragout in a merlot wine reduction. Their cooking together is a traditional part of each of her visits with us.

After dinner, we turned on the hot tub and then went swimming under the stars. The perfect ending to a wonderful day.

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