Saturday, May 21, 2011

It is my dear friend, Janet Miller's birthday

And there is no more fitting a way to help her celebrate than a little toast and roast, right?

So, dear Janet, here is the toast...from all the Luscious Lushes to you, we raise our glasses on high and wish you the very best possible birthday (even though we won't be with you)!

I have known my friend, confidant, co conspirator and all around fun gal pal for probably about ten years. We met on a scrapbooking message board, met for the first time in real life at a winery (of course) with our friends from Cleveland, Pete and Moni, and we have never looked back.

Janet and I have had lots of interesting times together, most of which, I had to admit were her fault (borrowed that line from a card and love it!)but it is true! lol

Janet has the biggest heart, the most wickedly sharp sense of humor and is loyal to her friend in a compassionate caring manner. Can you see why we love her so?

And if not these attributes, her impeccable taste in hats is enough to endear her to anyone!

My only words of advise to you on this, your SPECIAL DAY, dear friend, is this:

So please join me in wishing Janet the happiest of b'days. Head on over to her blog and leave her a b'day greeting or leave it here and I'll pass it on to her.


Pam said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Janet. God blessed us when he gave us you.

Gine said...

Happy Birthday to Janet, Hope your day is beautiful

Janet M said...

Thanks Jules for the great greeting and the wonderful set of pictures9 most of them). I value your friendship also.

Our getting together reminds me of this that I read - Everyone knows a good laugh is good for the soul, but did you know there was actually a therapy termed "laughter therapy," where laughter is employed as a tool for mental health? Groups and therapists around the world are embracing the therapeutic value of laughter.

So as we think back on Nashville, Orlando, Atlanta, Vegas, Captiva Cleveland - singing on the streets in Chicago - took us a long time to get money in that hat to get a taxi back to the hotel. So many other cithere.

Our trip with Pam and Clare this year and our "wine" tour vacation was without a doubt the hightlight of this year for fun and good friendship.

Looking forward to so many more good times. ties and places and so many more coming up - thanks for being the friend that is always

altar ego said...

I thought you all met IRL at CKU? Anyway, Janet is the bestest, and I miss you all!

Jules said...

Anne, you are absolutely correct...we all met in Nashville at your house, the wonderful limo ride from the airport and the rest of our madcap adventures at CKU.