Monday, May 09, 2011

Merry Mother's Day

We attended the boys' dedication ceremony at the kids' church, Harborside Christian, on Mother's Day morning. This is a joyous place filled with singing and praise and our little guys will grow up in this place where the kids have found a church home.

Here are the little boys whom Kristen and Chris call their "mini mes"...and they really are!

And here is Uncle Rob with his nephews. Colvin has adopted gentle head butting (more like 'let's put our heads together') as a type of kiss and wanted to repeat this with everyone all day! And Landon just wanted to be tickled and laughed with.

Rob gave me a funny card referencing his (IMHO)mistake in 'friending' me on facebook and gave my computer an update and a deep clean. Kristen and Chris added two more beads to my Pandora bracelet. Now, I have the boys' initials too. And I got my very first NANA card!

We swam in the pool, ate and enjoyed each others' company...great Mom's Day all around. Hope yours was the same!

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