Thursday, May 12, 2011

Papa and those Owens Boys

Aren't the boys getting big? They were 11 mo. old on the 10th. It is hard to believe. And look at E...he's lost about 20plus lbs since the start of the year...yeah!

We switched days this week with Wonder Windy, the boys' nanny. She usually has the little fellas on Wed. and Thurs and we have Fridays. But, our friend from St. Louis, Jadee, is coming for a visit and arrives tomorrow. So far today we have played in our playpen on the lanai, taken a nice long walk with the boys, had breakfast and a nap...going on now (and hopefully lasting at least another half hour!). Afternoon plans include the jumpy chair, the walker, play time in the boys' room, lunch and hopefully a short afternoon snooze as well (I usually join the boys for that, snack time and then Mama is home.

We have our friend, Justin, coming over after we get home today to convert our watering system to a more efficient one and hopefully extend it to the lower lawn behind the pool so we don't have to keep dragging the hose down there every couple of days. Suzie is joining us when she gets off work and E has a new pasta recipe he is going to entice us with.

Off and running...hope your Thurs. is a good one.

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