Saturday, June 25, 2011

Winter Park...still day one

We roamed the streets, courtyards, and parks for most of our first day, stopping here and there to shop or have a libation and a snack. This is a friendly, lovely town and why we hadn't visited before, I'll never know. It is under two hours from where we live. There are live oaks everywhere draped with Spanish Moss and, even though the temps have been in the mid 90s, we've never lacked for a cool respite from the heat.

The rod iron balcony at our hotel, the Park Plaza, reminds all of us of placed we have stayed in New Orleans and the city has the friendly southern flavor of Savannah.

We had lunch in a courtyard restaurant down from the hotel and dinner at Hot Olive, a must do. The food our whole visit has been incredible. We've eaten at almost all the ones my friend, Roz, suggested and every one of them has been an A++. We valet parked the car upon our arrival and have not been back to it since. We've been averaging about ten miles a day in our roams and walks.

The adventure continues...

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