Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July's Dinner Club

Michele and Kevin were the hosts for this month's Dinner Club and they outdid themselves. Susie and Justin had appetizers and had a lovely assortment of crackers with an amberjack fish spread that we have to have the recipe for and a fruit salsa that was amazing. We had the side dish this time and brought a pasta salad that made tons. Michele and Kevin had flounder wrapped over two different stuffings: crab meat and spinach and Bob closed our dinner with what he calls his infamous lime key pie (no typo...that is what Bob calls it) Oh, and Susie helped with the pie...lol.

Kevin and Michele have a lovely home and were gracious hosts. We have Sept and are tossing around themes...any suggestions?

Hope your Tues is wonderful!


LyndaKay said...

How about a Mediterranean theme with foods from Spain, Italy and Greece? Tapas - pasta - hummus - sangria - and lots of Bocelli singing in the background.

Jules said...

Love that idea, thanks LyndaKay