Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Justin's belated birthday celebration

Last night we all met at Grill 54 to celebrate one of our good friend's birthdays belatedly. Happy B'day Justin and many thanks to Bob for transporting E and I to the festivities...we do NOT drive well after dark. Enough said on that subject.

We had the little guys today and poor little Landon...his appetite said yes and his tummy said no no no. He loves watermelon and even that was not settling well. I had forgotten what an experience a poor upset little tummy can have. Let's just say both Nana and Landon got a very intensive cleaning up.

I have been really tired lately and we did not even stay out that late last night. Thinking maybe I need to step up my vitamins. My old yoga studio is running a special and I'm going back to practices. I had more energy then. I've just felt kind of blah and not my usual self and no reason that I can find. It is almost time for my well woman check up so I am going to mention this to my dr. She is wonderful.

That being said, tomorrow is my honeys 66th. birthday and the kids and I chipped in and hired the nanny back for the day. As much as E adores those little boys, he should have the freedom on his b'day not to be responsible, not to be anything but what he wants his day to be. And, because the man is infuriatingly and increasingly hard to buy for, we thought this to be the perfect gift. We'll be celebrating his b'day and how much we love him on Sunday as a family...but tomorrow...well, it is his day!

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