Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday in Paradise

What a wonderful weekend this is turning out to be. I had to miss a crop I had wanted to attend but life is a trade off and things happen for the right reasons. After ten years of wishing each other good morning on assorted scrapbooking message boards, Kellee and I finally got to meet in real life. Having message board friends is kind of like back in the days of having pen pals and, if the opportunity arose to meet them, there was always a bit of uncertainty. Will she be as warm and kind? Will she be as funny and light hearted, will she be the friend you've come to know and love...and the answer is YES! Kellee and I had so much to talk about and laugh over and, of course, we just had to hit Posh Scraps, in Palm Harbor for a bit of retail therapy. I miss you already time stay longer please!

After Kellee, had to leave for the airport, I headed over to Kristen's for a day of shopping with the little guys. She had mega coupons for her hair products that were on sale to start with at JCPenny's. Of course, we had to look in the kids' clothes sections and got the boys a couple of things (swim suits for Nana's house)and just one or two little pink things for you know who! The boys were so good!

Blogger has been shuffling up my photos so I am hoping that the two above are of Landon and his new spiffy haircut. His hair was hanging way over his ears and often in his eyes and Nana bugged everyone until the kids took him in for his first big boy hair cut. Colvin, as you can tell from the two shots of him that follow (and doesn't he look cute in his Tommie coveralls that I found last summer for the boys?), he is not quite ready for a trim yet. He is cutting an upper incisor and drooling constantly. Is he too old for a bib? It doesn't seem to bother him.

I took another two hour Nana nap on the couch, had dinner and was sound asleep by 9 last night. I woke up feeling like only a slightly used person...rather than one who had been steamrolled by this cold. Hoping this is the beginning of the end.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. The family is coming over to celebrate E's b'day so I see swimming and lots of fun with good food in my future!

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