Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am seriously thinking of changing this blog to

Nana Postings from Paradise. lol

And, once again, Blogger decided to scramble my be it. The first is of E's pride and joy. Three years ago, we planted a Meyer lemon tree. We had great hopes of lemon chiffon pies and fish dishes garnished with these lovelies and I even thought lemoncello, though E said it was the wrong kind of lemons. The first year, we had two tiny lemons...the next year was the year without bees and no lemons. This past year, E took no chances, borrowed a small paint brush from me and set out to to pollinate the plant himself...and then the bees showed up and showed up again. Our tree has so many lemons I may have to open an lemonade stand in front of the house!

This is another picture of our beautiful Leighton, or, as Papa calls her, Baby Bella!

Yesterday was our play date with the little guys while Chris went to class. He had them dressed so cute and they did the booty dance for us more than The table is a bit too high for the boys but Papa is going to make them one to fit...just as soon as we get the rest of the lights up, finish putting the outside heater together, find the ornaments and snow people...well, you get the picture.

I got my update from my dr. today and, once again, got a A+++. We are going to test in in 3 mo. for anemia and thyroid as I've been experiencing some fatigue and, for me, enui. In a conversation recently with four friends over 50, we all seem to be going through the same thing recently. My doctor said, perhaps I might want to take a bit of time out here and there and rest. HA! I can do that eons from now!

Hope your week is going well...


Janet M said...

They are so darn cute and the pictures of them at the table look like fun. The baby is precious!!!!

LyndaKay said...

Lemon tree, very pretty. (Trini Lopez?)
Leighton looks like her pretty mom. Cute set up for the boys on the patio!