Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day at Nana and Papa's

And what a wonderful day it was. Baby Leighton came dressed in the pretty outfit Papa picked out for his "Bella baby" and slept through most of the day.
Rob came dressed as Rob and one of these year's I am going to get a great picture of him. Kristen and Chris dressed as the slightly frazzled parents of 3 children under 18 mo. and E wore his bright red Christmas socks despite also wearing shorts. It was about 85 Christmas Day.
E fixed us the best prime rib, 3 cheese macaroni, green bean casserole and numerous other fixings. We fed the boys early and ate during their nap so Kristen and Chris could actually have a nice sit down adult meal. It was voted unanimously to repeat this next year!
The kitchen set and the shopping cart with the dishes and "food" went over far bigger than the rocking horse but the boys did warm to it towards the end of the day petting it but not wild about rocking yet.
As the afternoon went on, it got so warm we took the little guys shirts off and they were so happy. They woke up all hot and sweaty from their naps but cooled quickly.

Landon knew exactly what to do with the corn on the cob.!
The shopping card and the multi colored Mickey Mouse dolls were a big hit with the little guys.
and yes, they have learned how to open and close the sliders.
The day wore out Daddy and little Leighton and I love this shot of them napping together.
I found these stripped hats at Target and Colvin loved his...Landon, not so much.

Baby Leighton had a couple of big flower headbands in her stocking...too cute!

E and I had exchanged our gifts early in the morning and he gave me a beautiful pearls and bronze necklace and earrings and I gave him a nice sweatshirt that he had been lusting after and his new computer chair.

Life is good here in Tarpon Springs...hope all is well with you.

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LyndaKay said...

All cute pics; love Colvin in his hat! He looks like an impish elf! Too cute. Happy New Year to you and your family.